UNMG continues to offer Filipinos innovative advertising experiences

There’s nowhere to go but up for United Neon Media Group as it seals its position as an ad industry expert for 85 years – from paving the way for traditional signage to bringing Filipinos closer to global-scale innovative executions. 

For innovation, first, there must be aspirations. From aspirations, there must be actions. This serves as a tool of mind for United Neon Media Group (UNMG) to keep going above and beyond in providing ardent services to every Filipino who deserves first-rate, current, and moving advertising experiences. 

Old billboard posts from 1930s in the Philippines
United Neon Legacy born in 1937

Since 1937, UNMG has manifested a thousand shafts of light as the country confronts various socio-political changes that heavily affect the business’ nature and operations. From specializing in commercial sign boards, delving into the photo market industry, revamping the era of out-of-home advertising, and having more than 400 sites situated in areas with populated vehicles and ground traffic. All these turnovers exhibit how UNMG upholds its core values and stays pressing to usher in something unexplored and timely, generation after generation.

Truth be told, UNMG’s breakthroughs over 85 years will never transpire without its 12 subsidiaries that are zeroing in on giving OOH initiatives—making brands more visible through transit ads and high-end LED billboards; digital solutions reflected in creative and compelling video content; commercial technology affiliates that strategically champion clients’ online marketing needs; and training concepts that drive organizations’ holistic development. 

Due to its consistent and extensive customer service, diverse product advancements, and technological prowess, established and emerging businesses counted on UNMG to do the work and turn their brand vision into reality. Hence, the company continues to hold the market leadership position in the sector, cementing its name as a go-to agency seasoned by time and by the grace of God. 

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This stands to reason why Bonifacio Global City, a dazzling and upscale district in the metro, believed in UNMG’s capability to sway over the launch of the biggest 3D LED billboard in the country. The splashing of colors and making of objects move as if in real life during this magical event affirms UNMG’s capability and commitment to gathering entrepreneurs from various industries at one point and drawing Filipinos nearer to the world-class arena. 

As the ad landscape faces the daily genesis of global evolution, UNMG keeps its purpose alive, forever benefiting Filipinos and bringing its God-centered principles every step of the way. Above all, UNMG promises never to swerve from its goal of turning aspirations into innovations that will always be in full swing to make lives more meaningful at all times.

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