United Neon Media Group’s MDS Brand and Unilumin make 3D Naked Eye LED Billboard happen

More than the bright lights and wide screens, Media Display Solutions (MDS) ensures to always live by its tagline “displaying it right.”

As a brand of United Neon Advertising, Inc. under the United Neon Media Group (UNMG), MDS embodies relentless innovation by providing a diverse range of display screens for various applications. With this, MDS efficiently plugs in support for its clients and brings out the best and most appropriate displays to communicate brand messages.

cat playing on 3d billboard at bgc taguig
3D Billboard

As the frontrunner in the country’s out-of-home advertising business, MDS explored ways to elevate its work by serving eye-catching materials through the leading edge and premiere 3D Naked Eye LED Billboard in the nation.

This remarkable and modern advert execution is a three-dimensional display of animated characters or objects that can be viewed without the use of special glasses or other technological devices. The initiative came to life in the Philippines after MDS and BGC sealed their goal to implement this at One BHS, 5th Avenue, on October 27, 2022.

Furthermore, in accomplishing its purpose as the top-of-the-line display solutions provider in the market, MDS strengthened ties with global and highly recognized companies.

One of which is Unilumin. Unilumin brings world-class and advanced LED displays for different purposes, such as commercial, entertainment, landscape lighting, control room, retail, broadcast, and others.

This China-based company uplifts the industry landscape with its user-friendly designs, ultra-thin materials, Sirius-4K control system, and one-key detection of screen status. 

Moreover, Unilumin furnishes the innovative and latest LED and LFD display screens that allow customers to have a more immersive and better interaction. experience with the video outputs like ads. This exhibition can be done with diverse creative shapes: 90-degree angle, s-shape, concave and convex, cylinder, and flats.

Today, Media Display Solutions remains the official partner of the Unilumin brand for LED screens in the country, like the mentioned 3D Naked Eye LED in BGC. The collaboration between the two ensures prime specifications and high-quality features for every Filipino. In particular, these are:

  • 86sqm LED screen
  • WQHD quality LED screen, almost achieving a 4K
  • Employing a round-cornered LED screen for a wider viewing angle
  • With a brightness of 10,000 nits and a high refresh rate

Building from the information above, MDS’ “displaying it right” and Unilumin’s “together for a brighter future” cast light upon the PH to experience world-class and exquisite advertising execution.

Through extensive and technologically advanced LED screens, the two businesses keep innovation and creativity up and running, making every consumer look up, feel emotions, and seize every moment.

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