Breaking New Grounds with our Consultancy Solutions


Breakthrough Leadership taps into the fundamental needs of both leader and follower for holistic well-being through purpose and belongingness; to create vision and value congruence across the individual, empowered team, and organization levels; and ultimately, to foster higher levels of employee well-being, organizational commitment, financial performance, and social responsibility – the triple bottom line



Assessment Tools
Get an in-depth look of employee, organizational, recruitment and developmental needs.
Executive Coaching
Acquire the right insight suited for your industry with the guidance of our expert leadership and management consultants.
Modern Mentoring
Under the guidance of our consultants, mentoring helps executives build their leadership and management skills through an effective learning module.
Training Solutions
Get intelligent recommendations on long-term solutions best for your organization's concerns: coaching, consulting, or training programs from Salt & Light Ventures.


Recognition is prerequisite to recovery. Breakthrough Leadership Management Consultancy, Inc. starts with an analysis of your organization’s health through any one of these powerful assessments.
After the recommended solutions have been delivered, its effectiveness will be measured through the retaking of the MERIT Profile. Depending on its results, consultants may prescribe other solutions that would further an individual or team’s progress.
Grounded on the information gathered from your chosen methods of assessment, our consultants will present intelligent recommendations on long-term solutions best for your organization’s concerns, which could range from a series of training programs, coaching, consulting, or a combination of the same.

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